Week 87 - what has made me happy

 This week has been half term up here. Half term is good for me. It means the children both go to the childminder for three days, which gives me far more time to do university work. It was a productive week. Finally! I definitely needed a week where I felt like I was getting somewhere. I had to present an economics paper this week with another student. We were both pretty clueless, but got through it with only one student falling asleep on us!

My daughter made me giggle by coming up with her first ever insult which she thought up herself. She called my husband a "fly-head". I find it entertaining that our two year old daughter is coming up with insults! Yesterday I found myself saying to my son "hang on a minute, I'm just talking to a pheasant". And I was. It was being stupid! There isn't any hope for me of ever being normal, and very little for my children!

I got a weekend away this week. It was meant to be a weekend spent with friends, but it ended up being a weekend by myself. It was lovely. I was boring and took my dissertation work with me but I got a lot done.

Here is what has made me happy this week...

Dramatic skyGlow sticks
  • Beautiful landscapes. I really do love living up here.
  • Having fun with glow sticks. The children wanted to play with them after tea. This is in the kitchen, which the boy made completely dark so he could see the bracelets better. 
SunYorkshire Dales Ice Cream
  • Sunshine! Beautiful sunshine. It was so nice to see the sun again.
  • We celebrated with another trip to the ice cream parlour. Mmmm!
 wine in a plastic cupL'oreal nails
  • Time alone to sit and watch the rugby in peace and quiet. Wales assisted my enjoyment by thrashing France.

  • Having a moment to do my nails. And also have another cheap plastic cup of wine (it was all the Travelodge had).

  • Travelodge awful viewmorecambe v oxford
    • A truly appalling view from the Travelodge I stayed in. It made me giggle because it really couldn't have been much worse!
    • Getting to go to football again. I went by myself, but met a lovely guy in the bus station who kept me company for the match.
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