Dear gorgeous girl

Dear gorgeous girl,

This week you turn three. Three. I can't believe my baby grew up so quickly (I know I say that every year)!

Last week I looked at you and suddenly you are a little girl. There is no baby left any more, no podgy tummy or chubby little thighs, just a strong little girl.

Rope swing
On Friday you watched a video from a Beyonce concert I had been to and you said "I need to be bigger". When I asked why, you replied, "because I want to go and dance and listen to loud music". Well little one, there is still plenty of time for that! It didn't stop you waking up on your birthday and saying "I am 3 now, I'm bigger. Can I go to the loud music?". You can. Just not yet!

When your brother does something, you want to too. Now that you are more able, there isn't much he can do which you don't give a very good try. He is less enamoured with your strength and your ability to pin him to the ground with some innate wrestling move you were clearly born with.

walking a baby

You are cheeky too. Very cheeky. And rather dramatic. I don't know where you get that from! You and your brother enjoy hurling insults. The other day you called Daddy a 'fly head'. This made all of us giggle because you had come up with it yourself. Currently you aren't keen on pink, or dresses and you are sad that you don't have a willy! By all accounts I was too at the same age. In fact, your Grandma remembers me asking when my willy would grow. It didn't. That would have been very odd! There's nothing wrong with enjoying doing the same activities as boys, why shouldn't you? I don't like that activities are defined into gender, don't ever let that get in your way.

You know what you want, and how to get it. Please don't change. You have all the qualities a grown woman should have, confidence, determination, drive and enthusiasm. When you grow up, you want to be a footballer or an artist. Perhaps you could do both?

You will be whatever you want to be. You are determined, know what you want, and don't take no for an answer.

You are amazing.
I love you.
Mummy. xxx

watching badminton