The Photo Gallery - Sport

The Photo Gallery - Week 179

Team Honk Relay

I took part in the Team Honk Relay this year. You can read about my leg of the journey here. This picture was taken when I met Kirsty, who writes at Eeh Bah Mum. We met in Ilkley outside Betty's, as I finished my leg and handed over to Kirsty who was morris dancing the next leg.

I feel privileged to be part of a network of bloggers who have joined together to raise money for Sport Relief. So many people have done such amazing things.

Seriously well done to the Team Honk team for organising the relay. There must have been a lot of sleepless nights trying to make sure it ran smoothly!

If you want to donate to Sport Relief, you can do so here.

To see what others have come up with for this week's theme, click on the image below.

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