Week 89 & 90 - What has made me happy

Firstly, please accept my apologies for not posting last week, it was a ridiculously stressful week, with three essays due in which I hadn't written. So last week was tough. I got up at 5am each day and I finished writing at 9pm. Yes, I should have done more work sooner, but I didn't. Luckily, my mum was up the same week and she was able to help with the children, which definitely made my life far easier! All the essays are in now, and I am now cracking on with the dissertation. 

So, what has made me happy over the past two week is...


  •  A rainbow. I followed this rainbow all the way home from university last week. A whole 52 miles of rainbow. It was amazing!
  • A frost this week surprised me. It was quite nice to see a frost, and was possibly on of the last frosts we'll see this year. 

Sunny morningsFoggy morning

  • Sunshine. So nice to have some sunny days and get washing dried in one day.
  • It often starts off foggy up here, and I enjoyed seeing the chickens pecking around in the field.

Smiley face lunchTwo course lunch

  • You know those days when you just feel like doing things differently? Well this was one of those days, and lunch came in two happy courses!

  • We went up to my Grandma's and celebrated my Aunt's birthday which was really nice. We also got to try out the brand new park. This is the view from the park, which is pretty stunning!
  • Dropping off my son at school for a dressing up day. He was a rather reluctant dragon who scooted all the way to school. He looked so cute and made me smile!
It has been tough to keep happy over the past few weeks, I just have to remind myself that the end is in sight with university.

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What has made me happy