Week 89 - what has made me happy

Last week was clearly a blip. This week has been much better. I somehow managed to put together an economics seminar presentation that was actually good! Who would have thought it? Certainly not me! I changed the economics essay I am doing and now feel far happier about it. I've got 1000 words done on another essay so, although I only have a week until three essays are in, I have made a fairly decent start!

My Grandma made me cry this week by telling me how proud of me she is and how I have blossomed into being an adult. In fact, I cry every time I think about what she said. It's incredibly rare for my Grandma to give compliments and especially at the moment when she is going through chemotherapy.

Here is what has made me happy this week...
Lancaster universitySunset
  • Blue sky! There was no filter on this shot at university, and it was taken in Lancaster in the North! It has been so nice to see the sunshine. It just makes life easier.
  • Sunset. This is the view from the childminder's house. I took this yesterday after a glorious day when two loads of washing dried outside, in Yorkshire, in March. Excellent!
  • Flowers in my Grandma's garden. Stunning crocuses opening up to the sun with their petals outstretched, soaking up as much sun as possible.
  • Snowdrops. They are just so delicate. Usually we see them poke through the snow but we have only had a very light dusting once this year.
team honk relay ilkleyWrapped up bike
  • Taking part in the Team Honk relay. I was the first in the Bradford leg and I really enjoyed it! There is still time to sponsor us and raise money for Sport Relief, click here for more details.
  • Wrapping a bike up for my son. It made me giggle wrapping it and I was fairly impressed with the end result!
Yorkshire Dales Sheep
  • This sheep made me happy. It came right over to our car yesterday as we drove to the childminder's. I think the ewe wanted some food and was disappointed not to find any. I am sure I'll be posting pictures of her lambs pretty soon!
  • My son riding his bike. It literally took him under a minute to learn to ride. He had a balance bike before and never had stabilisers! I am so ridiculously proud of him. When I asked him what he felt like when he was riding, he said "like nothing ever before"!

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What has made me happy