Celebrating with Jacob's Creek wine - Dissertation submitted

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Yesterday I celebrated submitting my dissertation. Yes, you read that correctly. I have finally finished writing, and handed in my dissertation. So last night most certainly caused for a celebration, and I chose a  Jacob's Creek Sauvignon Blanc win to assist! My local Morrison's only had one white Jacob's Creek, which was a Chardonnay, and I'm not a fan. I was disappointed that they didn't stock more from the range.

Jacob's Creek Cool Harvest Sauvignon Blanc
So I went to Tesco afterwards and was pleased to find this Cool Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, priced at £7.98. They had a great selection of different Jacob's Creek wines. At least I now know where to go in the future! For more information on the wine, click here

When I first started university in October 2011, my daughter was only six months old, and my son was just two. I was possibly a little naive as to how much work it would be, or the stresses university would place on me. There have been so, so many times when I have simply thought of giving up. This year Student Finance took nearly £4,000 off me which they apparently overpaid me last year. Meaning that this year has been a huge struggle.

I am not very good at giving up though, so I have battled through, with the help and support of my husband and family.

Childhood obesity dissertation

My dissertation, as many of you already know was on childhood obesity, which I found incredibly interesting. I don't think I would have been able to write it if I hadn't found the topic fascinating. I haven't ever written 12,000 words before on one topic and I still have no idea how it all came together. My poor husband has been amazing. He even took the children to my Grandma's this weekend just to give me the house to myself without having to worry about anyone else.

I haven't ever worked so hard on something in my whole life. As ever, I ended up working on it until the night before, and having far too much stress printing it out in the library, so I definitely deserved a glass of wine or two to celebrate.

Jacob's Creek wine

I poured myself a very small glass of wine when I got home from university and sat in the back yard in the sunshine. The relief that ran through me was incredible. I can't believe what a huge achievement it was. Once I had picked the children up, got them fed and in to bed, I then spent my evening enjoying my wine, eating Chinese takeaway and treating myself to a bit of the leftover Easter eggs. I was ridiculously tired though, so ended up getting to bed pretty early. The wine really was delicious, very easy to drink, fresh and quite crisp.

Wine, Chinese and chocolate

This week has been ridiculously tough. My Grandma's health is deteriorating, and my sister was rushed to hospital on Tuesday and is still there. So I am not writing a 'what has made me happy' this week, because I think it would consist solely of 'I finished my dissertation'. I will get back to normal next week.

What has made me happy