Hot Wheels 4 Lane Tower Track Set Review

We were recently sent the Hot Wheels 4-Lane Tower Track Set and the Hot Wheels Deluxe Stunt Crash Ramp to try. My son has previously reviewed the 10-in-1 Super Track Set, so we were excited to see how well these new sets went along with the other set we received. Both the boy and the girl really enjoy playing with HotWheels. I think it's a shame that often their marketing is aimed purely at boys, my daughter probably spent more time playing with it than my son.

What they say

This super tower delivers higher thrills! For more creative and captivating racing, this starter set offers 'do it yourself' fun for boys and includes a full play pattern. Race five cars in four different directions! Brave sky-high ramps, jump through flames and compete in a furious side-by-side race. The cool set features multiple places for even more tracks to connect. It's a visual spectacle of steep hills, diverse action and an entire Hot Wheels® system unto itself!

RRP £21.99

Suitable for ages 4+
Includes tower, track pieces, stunts & die-cast car


ASSORTMENT With the Expert Stunt System, boys can choose from a variety of complex and challenging, car activated stunts for maximum adventure. Plus new connectors make it easy to connect with other sets!

RRP £9.99

Suitable for ages 3+
Range includes Loop, Crash Ramp, Kicker, Forklift, Big Finish & Track Pack

These are available to buy at Argos and Toys R Us, along with other retailers.

To view the whole range, check out the Hot Wheels website

Would I buy it?
Yes, I would definitely buy the four lane tower starter set. I liked the way it worked and the children loved how easy it was to have races against each other (they are rather competitive). It was great for starting off the cars on different levels as well. I am not so sure about the stunt crash ramp. It seems a bit pointless simply to crash the car, but perhaps I am just missing the point!

Good points
Easy to assemble
Great for competing against each other
Fabulous way to start lots of different cars off at the same time
Keeps the children entertained for a long time

Bad points
Takes up a lot of room. We are lucky that our dining room hasn't got a table in it, so the children can play with lots of space

Hot Wheels currently have a promotion: Catch the Gold Car! If you but 10 Hot Wheels cars and send your receipts in, you are entitled to receive a free gold car.

You can also check out the awesome new Team Hot Wheels Animation.

Disclosure: We were sent a 4 Lane Tower Track Set and a Deluxe Stunt Crash Ramp for the purpose of review. This had no impact on this post, which is honest and fair.