Is it wrong that we don't do the Easter Bunny?

On Friday morning my son got to school and there were bunny footprints leading all over the floor and the classroom. "It must be the Easter Bunny" exclaimed some excited children. My son just looked at me. He was excited about the footprints, but he wasn't so sure about the Easter bunny part.

You see, we don't 'do' the Easter Bunny. I don't see the point. Perhaps I am a bit of a curmudgeon, but I just don't get it. We never had an Easter Bunny when we were kids and I can't see my children getting excited by it either. I'm just not sure about it all and I kind of don't want to deceive them.

We do Easter. We have an Easter egg hunt and the kids both get eggs from relatives, but I just don't see what an Easter bunny has to do with either Easter or, for that matter, eggs!

I get Christmas and Father Christmas. In fact, I love Christmas. For me, Christmas is a tradition which goes way back.

I guess that perhaps if I had been brought up in a household which celebrated Easter with an Easter bunny then I would feel differently about it.

What do you think? I might have to research what the origins of the Easter bunny, but it definitely doesn't sit right with me!

Easter Bunny