Peppa Pig My First Notebook review

We were recently sent a Peppa Pig My First Notebook for the girl to try out. She has a Vtech laptop but it very rarely gets played with, so I was hopeful that this would be different. My daughter was instantly drawn to it, the colours are fantastic and it looks really appealing. 

My son has played with it the most I think. He is five and is very good at the number and colour questions so he enjoys it when he gets them right. My daughter enjoys listening to the nursery rhymes on it and watching the lights and generally interacting with it, although she quite enjoys getting the answers wrong on purpose!

What they say
Peppa Pig My First Notebook

This Peppa Notebook is as light and small as the real thing.
The notebook features a full alphanumeric keyboard, pretend screen with ten lights and a cursor pad to move the light from folder to folder to select one. Children will feel just like their parents with Peppa's notebook.
Thanks to its rich content, your child will learn about letters, numbers, quantities, colours or listen to eight nursery rhymes.
Fun and interactive activities offered by this notebook invite your child to navigate the keyboard and illustrations relating to their favourite nursery rhymes.
Different quizzes allow them to test their knowledge while having fun.

Learning benefits
Teaches colour recognition
Introduces the alphabet
Helps children to understnad numbers and quantities
Familiarises children with famous nursery rhymes
It folds up nice and small so is easy to transport. It generally comes with us on all car journeys and trips to my Grandma's. It is definitely preferable to her other laptop (which has now found its way to the charity shop) because it is so portable.

Would I buy it?
It is safe to say that it is a hit in our household. I would definitely consider buying it. You can buy it for £9.99 at the moment and I think it would make a wonderful present for a child.

Disclosure: We were sent this product for the purpose of review. This had no impact on the review, which is honest and fair.