Thornton's Easter Eggs

This week we were sent some Easter Eggs from Thorntons. A treat. It also helped me out greatly because I hadn't got round to buying any for the children yet!

Thorntons Easter Egg

Thorntons Easter Eggs also bring back childhood memories for me as they were the ones my Grandma used to get for us. I always thought it was magical that it had my name on it. Siân wasn't, and still isn't, a very common name, so it was great to receive something with my name on!

Thorntons White Chocolate

The chocolate was delicious. Really creamy. I don't often eat Thorntons chocolate, but I enjoyed it a lot.


I like the way that the name is imprinted in the back, it looks really classy. The egg was really smooth as well and I was impressed with the thickness.

Broken Easter Egg

There's only one way to break into an egg, and that's to smash it completely. That way there always seems to be more to go round.

Both children loved the chocolate lollies and I gave the two bunnies to the childminder's children, which disappeared quickly!

If you still have Easter eggs to buy, then I would recommend that you pop down to Thorntons and treat yourself. I have also spotted them for sale in Tescos. If you have a moment, you should also check out Thorntons blog.