Week 91 - What has made me happy

This week has been an odd one. My daughter has been poorly and managed to give us all the same bug. It's very rare that we are all ill at the same time. Unfortunately this coincided with us going away to Haven for the weekend, so we weren't' in the very best of spirits! In spite of this, we had a fantastic break. It was great to be by the seaside and I was impressed that we all managed to live in such a small space for four nights! We went with friends and had an alcohol filled night on Saturday, which left me rather hungover when I woke up on Mother's Day! A walk on the beach soon sorted me out though.

Here is what has made me happy this week...

Walking on the beachStanding in stones

  • Walking on the beach together. I am pretty sure the girl has never seen waves before, we usually go to St Anne's, where we generally struggle to find the sea, let alone any waves.
  • The boy and I standing on the pebbles on the beach. We had a lot of fun collecting different stones and shells.

Paddling on the beachHorse riding on the beach
  • The joy that the beach brought both children. It didn't matter when they got wet or sandy, they found crabs, shells, fish and seaweed. It was also nice to see them both play well together for a change!
  • Watching the riders on the beach. I thought it looked like a wonderful place to ride horses.

jellyfishThe Deep Hull Sharks

  • We went to The Deep in Hull yesterday on our way home and it was amazing. I have never been to such a huge aquarium and it was brilliant fun. I will write up a full review soon.
  • The girl now has an obsession with sharks! She spent absolutely ages staring at them and also really loved the swordfish.

SunshineDelicate blossom

  • Another beautiful day, although these were few and far between this week! I just love waking up to sunshine.
  • Blossom. It is just so delicate and amazingly beautiful. It'll be gone soon, so I am enjoying it while it lasts!
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What has made me happy