Week 92 - What has made me happy

This week has been a mixed bag! We are all still struggling with the lurgy that the girl gave us all. It has totally wiped me out and I have constantly bloodshot eyes! That said, I have made progress on the dissertation. Not enough, but definitely a start. This week I have no childcare, so I won't be able to get stuck in at all. We have had a good weekend though. On Saturday we went to my Grandma's to watch the Grand National. On Sunday we went for a walk around Embsay reservoir, which was a wonderfully easy walk with the kids but got us out and about and we had fun spotting toads!

Here is what has made me happy this week...
PaintingMessy play

  •  I bravely decided the kids could do some painting and I have to admit that I joined in too. 
  • The girl did what she does best and got incredibly messy! She had fun though.

Atmospheric skyToads crossing
  • This amazingly atmospheric sky! Somehow we managed not to get wet! It was a wonderful walk around Embsay reservoir, which I shall post a full write up of soon.
  • Watching these toads. They were everywhere and travelling in twos. The one on the top is considerably smaller than the other, so we assumed they were all carrying their young!

Easter bunny footprintsHomemade Easter eggs

  •  The boy's excitement when he saw these bunny footprints at school on his last day! Although it did prompt me to write this post on the Easter bunny.
  • Making our own Easter eggs. Who knew it would be so easy?

New handbagZipzicle

  •  My new handbag. I ordered this direct from the shop and my uncle brought it back from Goa from me!
  • I am excited to try these zipzicles, they are reusable ice pop containers. So we can fill them with smoothies and the kids can have them frozen once the weather warms up!

lambssibling bike ride
  • The lambs have finally arrived up at the childminder's house. Although they were rather a long way away in the field, so I couldn't get a close-up!
  • My kids on their bikes. I love how in sync they are even without looking at each other. Obviously the boy won the race, because he has pedals!

 How about you? What little things have made you happy in the past week?

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What has made me happy