Week 93 - What has made me happy

I was worried about this week. The childminder was away and I was concerned about surviving a whole week with my children. Desperately hoping that they would get along. They have a tendency to spend the first week of a holiday winding each other up. However, they were fantastic. They actually played together, which never usually happens. It's safe to say that only one day was really hard work and that was just because I wasn't feeling so great, nothing to do with the kids.

We have been swimming, visited a farm, played at soft play, gone to the theatre, been to the library, gone to my Grandma's, baked, entered and won shows and visited Harewood House. Quite a lot to pack into five days!

Without further ado, here is what has made me happy this week...
  • Seeing the animals at the farm. My children said they didn't want to go, but as soon as we arrived whooped around like they had never seen farm animals before. This pig looked tired. I can only imagine! She had twelve piglets chasing after her.
  • The lambs are so cute. I don't know what it is about lambs, but they do make me ridiculously happy. I just missed seeing one being born, but watch its mother cleaning it up.
Morning sunshineGrassington view
  •  Sunshine! Yet again something about the sun just makes you happier.
  • It's so nice waking up to sunshine.
  • My little super heroes. The girl has been obsessed with getting a Spiderman outfit for a few months now. Once she got it, she didn't take it off for three days!
  • The look on people's faces as they saw my children scooting around town in their outfits. They made so many people smile, which made me feel all warm inside.
 Harewood HouseThe Lion King
  •  A visit to Harewood House. It's the first time we went as a family and we had so much fun. All four of us clambered around the climbing frame! Seeing the penguins was amazing too.
  • A trip with the boy to see The Lion King in Bradford. It was absolutely breathtaking. I did cry when Mufasa died, but the rest of the show gave me goosebumps it was so good.
How about you? What little things have made you happy in the past week?

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What has made me happy