Frog Bike Review - Learning to ride a bike

For my son's fifth birthday, we got a frog bike and I wanted to review it. I researched bikes for a long time before his birthday, because I knew we wanted one which didn't have stabilisers, was lightweight and relatively inexpensive. In the end, my research showed that a frog bike was the best for all of these elements.

Frog Bike
My son had a balance bike from the age of three and he was very good on it, often free-wheeling down rather large hills and leaving me with my heart in my mouth! So I was reluctant to buy him a bike with stabilisers, because I felt that he had the balance needed to ride a bike. He just needed to learn how to pedal and balance at the same time.

Frog bike

What they say
This great value all-aluminium bike has very lightweight high quality frame and forks. It has easy to grip Tektro brakes with adjustable levers for smaller hands and easily adjusted saddle height.  Its hybrid tyres are suitable for road and off-road use. The locking headset means the handlebars have a steering limiter, which is safer for learners.
Available in red, purple, orange or spotty, and comes with a bell, reflectors and mudguards as standard. Suitable for minimum inside leg of 48cm (around 4-5 years old). Free 5 year warranty available on the frame and forks, 2 years on all other parts.

Weight: 6.9 kg

This is the Frog 48 and it costs £185

Frog bike saddle

Good points
Incredibly lightweight, so easy to ride.
Great colour
Well made
Not too big, so it fits in the back of the car.

Bad points
None that we have discovered so far.

riding a bike for the first time

Would I buy it?
Well I already did, so yes! I am incredibly happy with my purchase and would recommend it to all other parents who are looking for their child's first bike. We bought this from Chevin Cycles in Otley and the staff couldn't have been more helpful if they tried.

We went prepared for a long process and had agreed to share the bending down and pushing out between the three of us adults. However, this was the boy's first attempt at riding his bike. It literally took him around 30 seconds with his grandad holding onto him and he was off! I couldn't quite believe it was that easy.

child riding a bike

He struggled a bit with starting himself off, but grasped that the next day when we went out. He had no wobbles or instability and was so proud of himself, as we were of him. I felt happy enough that he was stable, so I let him ride home along the canal path on his first ever ride.

We went down to this open area which is free from cars, and people at the weekend, and he rode and rode. It was wonderful to see him going round tight corners and looking so happy.

Frog 48

When I asked him later how it had felt when he was riding a bike, he replied "like nothing ever before". Which I thought was spot on. He feels free, grown up and proud of himself, and so he should be. 

The frog bike comes with us wherever we go now and he regularly rides it about. For more information about Frog Bikes, check out their website.

Here is the video evidence of how ridiculously easy it was for my son to learn to ride a bike!

Disclosure: We received 30% off the price of a Frog Bike for the purpose of this review. This had no impact on this review, which is honest and fair.