Nickelodeon Land Review

Nickelodeon Land Review

This Easter we were invited over to Nickelodeon Land at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. My son had visited before in the summer (you can read about that here), but my daughter had never been before. I was slightly concerned that she wouldn't enjoy it, because whenever we go to a fair, she refuses to get on any ride, even the tiny little ones. I feared that she may have the same sense of dislike of letting go of control as me.

Nickelodeon Land
However, I knew that she would enjoy meeting the characters as the two of them are totally addicted to Spongebob Squarepant and like watching Rugrats on the ipad. We arrived at about 10.10 and discovered that the rides didn't open until 10.30 or 11.00. There were very few people around though, so we didn't get in any queues. We took the opportunity to have a quick walk around and show my daughter the different rides she could go on.

Diego's Rainforest Rescue

The first ride I took my daughter on was Diego's Rainforest Rescue. She clutched my hand incredibly tightly, but she also giggled, flinging her head back with her hair flowing in the breeze. She shouted to go faster, to spin more, and got upset when it stopped. I was so happy that she enjoyed it and it made me relax about the whole of the rest of the day.

Mr Krabs

We had fun looking for the Easter eggs as we went round. The children's favourite were these mini Spongebobs. The Krusty-Krab Order Up ride was both children's highlight. They loved it. My daughter went on it six times and my son around four times. I wish I could go on it without screaming. None of the kids were!

Nickelodeon Streak

The Nickelodeon Streak looked fantastic, but both children were too small and my husband and I thought it would be mean for one of us to go on without them! Possibly my son will be tall enough to be able to go on when we go next.

Rugrats Lost River

The Rugrats Lost River ride was fantastic and the queue was really short. We only waited about ten minutes to get on. When we went in the summer, my son and I queued for about 45 minutes. When it finished my daughter burst into tears because she didn't want to get off! All of us adored this ride and we ended up going on twice in the day.

Spongebob's Splash Bash

Luckily I went prepared after last year and took a waterproof poncho with me which I popped on when we got on to Spongebob's Splash Bash. We had fun on this and luckily went on it early in the day when it wasn't too busy. The people coming off it later in the day were soaked through! The longest queue of the day was for the blue flyer, but it was great fun, my daughter giggled all the way through it.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Flying machines

Before we left for the day (at 4.30pm) we went on the Derby Racer and the Flying Machines. The Flying Machines looked quite calm, but in reality they went really, really fast (although not fast enough for the girl's liking)!

We had a fabulous day out and I highly recommend it. The park was really quiet, even though we went during the Easter holidays, and I was surprised by this. We easily spent over six hours at Nickelodeon Land and we all had a truly fantastic day. You can watch the video below if you want to see our highlights.

Disclosure: We were provided with a family ticket for the purpose of this review. This had no impact on my review, which is honest and fair.