Week 95 - What has made me happy

So, after handing in my dissertation last week, I then proceeded to get my essay results back. I didn't do too badly, B+, B- and (sadly) a D+ in one economics essay. I had my final timetabled lecture on Friday, which felt rather, well, final. So now it is on to revision. Only six exams to go and my degree is over. I am kind of scared about this. I am scared it might be a complete anti-climax when I graduate. But at the same time I think I shall probably cry all the way through my graduation ceremony!

So it has been a good week after a fair few weeks of stress and without further ado, here is what has made me happy this week...
Pink blossomDaisies
  • The amazing colour of this blossom. It's a real fuchsia pink, which was the colour of my bridesmaids dresses!
  • Daisies in the park. I know lots of people don't like them, but I think they're great, and they really do make me happy! I also felt incredibly proud watching my son ride his bike.
calves alonecat catching blossom
  •  These calves made me smile. They are away from their mums for the first time and seem so ungainly and unsure!
  • My silly cat who spent a whole day inside trying to catch the blossom falling past the window outside. 
ladybirdtoddler tantrum
  •  This ladybird on a wall on the way home from nursery. A splash of colour on an otherwise grey wall.
  • My daughter's toddler tantrum. This happened when I asked her if she wanted a gingerbread man!
ManchesterRum and coke
  • Heading to Manchester for BlogOnMOSI. I had a fabulous time, and a great night out on the Saturday with lots of lovely bloggers. 
  • Enjoying a rum and coke on the way home from the conference. 
Yorkshire Dales
  • You know when sometimes a photo looks like a painting? I felt like that about this one. I love the way the clouds look as if they have been drawn on!
 How about you? What little things have made you happy in the past week?

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What has made me happy