Week 97 - what has made me happy

It ended up being a bit of a tougher week than I had imagined. The exam last Thursday was OK, and I have since had one more, meaning that I am halfway through my final exams. Which feels odd. The one today was rather rubbish and I am pretty sure I failed one of the questions, but I can't dwell on it because I can't change it. My husband has managed to injure himself playing football. During my first year exams he broke his elbow, in second year he broke his toe and now he is on crutches with ligament damage, meaning that I need to be around as much as possible. Luckily my mum is up looking after my Grandma, so at least we have an extra pair of hands!

Here is what has made me happy this week...
  • Bluebells in our nextdoor neighbours garden. I love how the different shades of blue.
  • This pheasant hanging out in the sunshine yesterday morning.
Growing caterpillarslancaster university
  • The caterpillars are getting bigger (unsurprisingly)! I am really enjoying watching them grow.
  • I have been staying over at university the night before my early exams (all of them) and it's quite nice to have space to think without distractions.
CygnetFat cat
  • This cygnet who didn't want to swim. I haven't ever seen one hitching a ride before but it made me giggle.
  • My fat cat Bruce being cute. He isn't allowed on the bed but got all cute with me when I was trying to revise!
  • Beautiful sunny mornings. It is so nice waking up to sunshine every morning and it being warm.
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What has made me happy