Cut the Rope Merchandise Review

We were recently sent some 'Cut the Rope' merchandise, including a lunch box, drink bottle, t-shirt, nommies collectible figurines, a cute character which makes eating noises and a rocket science activity book with stickers inside. 

My son has used the lunchbox every single day since we received it and he adores the t-shirt. The collectible figurines are a similar size to Moshi Monsters, so they are relatively small. Ours have already gone missing, although I imagine they will be under the sofa with the moshi monsters!

I like the activity book. It had a lot of really useful activities inside it and it was bright and colourful. The boy really enjoyed playing with it and he spent a really long time doing the different challenges.

The soft Om Nom toy was an instant hit with both children. It makes cute sounds and has been taken on many adventures so far and is a regular resident in the chosen toy box!

The only downside with the goodies was that the drinks bottle leaks a bit. I think it's because the lid is attached to the lid and doesn't screw off separately. However he has still used it every day and as long as it's upright then it doesn't leak too mcuh.

We have also been playing Cut the Rope 2 on my Android phone. It is really good fun and both my son and I have enjoyed playing it together. If you are interested in downloading the game for free, you can find it on Android and iOS.