How to enjoy a (almost) stress-free holiday with all the family

Organising a holiday for the entire family can be somewhat of a challenge. However, if you’ve decided to embark on an adventure with the kids and your parents then you’ll be pleased to know that there are a number of options available.

Get everyone’s opinion

First things first, it’s important to get everyone’s opinion. After all, this is a holiday for everybody, which means it needs to have something to offer all. There’s no point in booking a stay at a theme park when you’re travelling with young babies and elderly grandparents.

However, if you’re catering to teenagers too, this doesn’t mean ruling out such an attraction all together. Try and choose a destination that has a number of attractions within the same area, this way, you can please all. 

Something for all

If you’re the kind of person that treats a holiday as an excuse to lounge around on the beach all day, then there’s no reason you can’t do this. However, if your parent’s prefer exploring the sights and sounds of an area, and a little more about its culture, it’s important to choose a destination that offers the best of both worlds.

Create an itinerary

If the thought of planning your next family trip makes you want to hide away, it’s important to know that such a trip can be luxurious, relaxing and fun – providing it gets the necessary planning.

It all comes down to doing a little research and creatingthe perfect family itinerary. If you’re travelling with both the young and the old, opt for a more authentic travel experience. The sights and sounds of other cultures which surround you will both distract and inspire – even amongst the easily bored!

Find a helping hand

If you’re finding the task of planning an entire family holiday to be an impossible one, investing in the services of a travel specialist may prove handy. From visas to airport transfers, they’re there to make sure you remember every last detail.

They’ll also be able to tell a little about the various destinations available while ensuring you’re not travelling in unbearable heat or during a monsoon!

Long haul tips

Travellinglong haul can be a chore for anyone with long flight extremely trying – especially when travelling with young children and older relatives.

It’s important to know that airlines are well prepared for this and if you’re organised then getting to your dream destination doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. You can also find plenty of other travel tips online. Those travelling with older relatives should read tweets from McCarthy & Stone for more tips, while those with young children should look towards parenting websites and their social profiles.

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