Week 100 - what has made me happy

I have finished my exams! Last Wednesday was my final exam and I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels having finished them all. I only had six exams, but that was tough enough. I genuinely don't think that they went very well at all, but I will find out my provisional result in a few weeks. We went away this weekend to a place called Ashbourne, in Derbyshire. My best friend was meant to come but wasn't able to make it. Her partner came with their daughter though and we had an amazing time. We ended up going to Alton Towers on Sunday and had so much fun, although Cbeebies Land was far too tame for my three year old daughter. The runaway train was far more like it for her, she is a bit of a speed demon!
Blue sky white buildingNewly hatched butterfly
  • Blue sky against white buildings. I don't know what it is about these two contrasting against each other, but I love it!
  • The butterflies coming out of their cocoons. I have had so much fun watching them change from caterpillars to butterflies.
Toddler climbingChampagne in sunshine
  • My daughter taking on challenges and being so very proud of herself when she achieves them. She is only 3 but climbed on this climbing wall which was just over six foot high.
  • Champagne in the sunshine. Celebrating finishing exams, and university.
Chatty cowPainted lady butterfly
  • This cow made me giggle a lot. The place we stayed in Derbyshire was surrounded by fields and we had to drive through these dairy cows to get there. They weren't too keen on letting our car through!
  • Letting the butterflies go. It was so much fun watching them grow and change.
Drop Dead FredThe fault in our stars
  • Watching Drop Dead Fred last night. It makes me giggle so much even now. I was a huge fan of Rik Mayall and can't believe he died at such a young age.
  • Reading The Fault in our Stars. I cried through the final ten chapters, but it is such a wonderfully emotive book. It was the first fiction book I have read since finishing university.
Beautiful morningsSunshine
  • Some beautiful mornings. Absolutely gorgeous sunshine and warm weather is wonderful. I haven't been too keen on the thunderstorms that come afterwards though.
How about you? What are the little things which have made you happy recently?

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What has made me happy