Week 98 & 99 - What has made me happy

Firstly, apologies there was no post last week. It all got a bit stressful with exams, children being ill and my husband hobbling about obviously in pain. I had an exam last Wednesday which I thought had gone well, until I realised that I had answered the question completely incorrectly. I have put it behind me now because there's nothing I can do about it. These exams have been the most frustrating that I have ever done. It really doesn't help that they are my final ones! On the positive side, I only have one left and then I am done forever! Although even as I type that, there is a niggle in me that I will have failed my exams and have to do resits. Sometimes I doubt myself a bit too much!

Anyway, I am rambling. Here is what has made me happy for the past two weeks...
PostboxCaterpillars in cocoons
  •  This red postbox. The colours were so vibrant on a rainy day.
  • The caterpillars have finally gone into their cocoons. I am slightly concerned they will come out when we go away this weekend though!
 Rainbow cakeSleeping in shops
  • This giant rainbow cake. We went to a new cafe because we had heard good things about it. The children shared a slice but it ended up defeating our entire family!
  • My daughter made me giggle. She always insists on getting into display beds in shops. Obviously she took her shoes off first and I re-made the bed when she got out!
helping great-grandma in the gardenantique tap
  • My daughter helping her great-grandma with the gardening. She was so eager to help. My grandma is determined to do as much as she can, even though she feels awful.
  • This tap at my grandma's. I just love it. Random, but true.
Beautiful treefield of buttercups
  • Beautiful views. This tree is changing almost daily at the moment and looks stunning.
  • The field outside my grandma's is full of buttercups at the moment and just looks fabulous.
Picking daisiesDaisy
  • My daughter picking  daisies. She just looked so ridiculously cute crouched in the field.
  • This daisy. I don't understand how they don't get dirty in the rain!
How about you? What are the little things which have made you happy recently.

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What has made me happy