Kate & Mim-Mim Review

We were recently sent an episode of a brand new show which will be airing on Cbeebies next week. Kate and Mim-Mim is a new animated series which starts on Cbeebies on the 4th of August. It follows the fantastical adventures of a feisty five year old Kate and her toy bunny Mim-Mim as they travel to the fantasy world of Mimiloo where Mim-Mim transforms into a larger-than-life playmate.

Watching Kate and Mim-Mim

The episode we were sent saw Kate and her friends are building go-karts, with interesting consequences. Needless to say, it is lucky that Mim-Mim is on hand with some extras for their karts. As a special treat, the children were allowed to watch the episode whilst they had their breakfast. They both really enjoyed it and have watched it quite a few times since. I like the graphics and especially enjoy Mimiloo. Something about it reminds me of shows I used to watch when I was a child.

You can follow Kate and Mim-Mim on Twitter @kateandmimmim if you want to hear more about the show.

The shows explore themes of friendship, adventure and problem solving. It encourages children to use their imagination and work together to solve problems.

Kate and Mim-Mim

The show will air on Cbeebies on Monday 4th August at 5:30pm. We certainly have two fans in our household!

Disclosure: We were sent an episode of Kate and Mim-Mim for the purpose of review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.