LEGO movie with TalkTalk review

I will admit that I am finding it difficult to entertain a toddler who has a broken collar bone. She seems entirely nonchalant about it and is still haring around the house and generally leaving me with very few nerves left! So when I was asked to review the LEGO movie, I jumped at the chance, knowing that she would most likely sit still for the length of the film. This meant that my nerves would be slightly less frayed! 

The LEGO movie was one which my son begged to go and see, but where we live films are only on for one week because there is only one cinema screen, and we were unable to watch it. So we sat down together as a family last night to watch it. The film is available to TalkTalk Plus and Essentials TV customers and you can rent it for 48 hours for £4. It saves you having to go and buy the DVD too, which I thought was great.

As my husband pointed out, the movie is basically one huge LEGO advert. I love lego, so I don't really need to have it advertised to me! The story is decent though and both children were entertained by it.  It wasn't too scary and they were impressed that Batman was in it. There were quite a few jokes which were purely for adults and I did laugh out loud a few times. It was entertaining family viewing and I would recommend it.

If you are a TalkTalk customer, the LEGO movie is available to rent right now and is just one of the many amazing movies available on TalkTalk TV this summer. TalkTalk will also be launching free ‘Tasters’, allowing customers to view popular channels typically included in paid-for Boosts. The first of these tasters will launch on the weekend of 1st and 2nd August where the Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior will be free to watch all weekend.

Along with the Lego Movie, YouView from TalkTalk homes can also watch Non-Stop, The Book Thief and The Grand Budapest Hotel with an all star cast including Bill Murray, Jude Law and Ralph Fiennes. Later this month TalkTalk viewers will also be able to catch Noah, starring Russell Crow and Emma Watson and A Long Way Down, based on Nick Hornby’s best seller.

Disclosure: Disclosure: We were provided with a credit on our bill so that we could watch the LEGO movie for free for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.