Quick and easy chicken and couscous meal with Gold from Flora

I was challenged to create a 5pm family meal for under £10 using Gold from Flora. I wanted it to be incredibly quick and simple to make, because at the moment I have so little time it's unreal! I came up with this moroccan inspired chicken and couscous meal with coconut milk. You can add a salad to the meal if you fancy it, but it takes you over the £10. Although, you will obviously have a fair amount of leftover salad stuff, along with the seasoning rub, coconut milk, breast steaks and Gold from Flora. Gold from Flora is an irresistible blend of butter and Flora with the rich creamy taste of butter that everyone in the family will love. Both my children love couscous, although I am not too keen on cleaning up the mess afterwards!

Here are the ingredients you will need:

Chicken breast steaks - £3.00
Gold from Flora - £1.50
Moroccan couscous - £0.60
Lime - £0.33
Very Lazy Ginger, Lemon and Parsley Seasoning Rub - £1.00 for 6 sachets
Coconut milk - £0.89

Total - £7.32

Optional extras
Cucumber - £69
Vine cherry tomatoes - £1.30
Salad - £0.79
Grapes - £2

Total including extras - £12.10

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees (for a fan oven)

Rub the chicken with a small knob of Gold from Flora, then sprinkle on the Very Lazy ginger, lemon and parsley seasoning rub. Rub it all together well and if you want the flavours to be stronger, put to one side for 10 minutes. You can just pop it in the oven at this point though.

Put the chicken into the oven and then pop the kettle on to boil. Then add 170ml of boiling water to a bowl with the couscous in. Stir in a knob of Gold from Flora, squeeze a small amount of lime on and then place a plate over the bowl and set aside for five minutes. 

Warm three teaspoons of coconut milk in a dish and pour half of it over the couscous and then stir the couscous. Pop the plate back on top and leave for a further couple of minutes.

Take the chicken out of the oven and plate up the food, with the couscous first, the chicken on top and then the salad by the side. The Gold from Flora works really well on the couscous and added a really nice taste to it. It is really easy to use and is suitable for all family meals, from spreading on toast to a hot topping to crunchy vegetables at dinner time. More importantly, Gold from Flora has 40% less saturated fat than block butter. To find out more information, check out the Gold from Flora website or follow @Flora on Twitter.

Both children, my husband and I really enjoyed the meal. It was light enough for a summer's day and really filled us all up.

Disclosure: We were sent a £10 voucher to purchase the ingredients and come up with a recipe. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.