Week 103 & 104 - What has made me happy

Sorry that I didn't post last week, and that I am currently not posting much at all. I have been chasing my tail ever since I finished university and I can't quite seem to catch up with myself. Currently I drop the children off at school/nursery and then drive the 9 miles to my grandma's and spend the day there, decorating and caring for my grandma, then drive home and pick the children up, feed them and pop them into bed. It is incredibly tiring and emotionally draining. It's fair to say that I am exhausted at the moment, both mentally and physically. 

So life is pretty much non-stop, meaning that I haven't got much time for writing at the moment, which is a shame, because I could do with getting everything down. It's definitely good for my mental health to blog more often!

Here is what has made me happy the past two weeks...

boy riding grand depart routeStage one grand depart leaders
  • Le Grand Depart came through where we live and it was fantastic. My son  rode about three miles of the route and I was so proud of him. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing and he was cheered on and encouraged by the other riders.

  • Amazing cloud formations. The sky has been simply stunning recently and the weather has been amazing!
elsa costumedragon and elsa
  • Making my daughter an Elsa costume. I had so much fun making it and she looks ridiculously cute in it.
  • My children deciding to dress up one Sunday and go into town dressed as a dragon and Elsa.
pink poppy
  • Stunning flowers in my grandma's garden. The poppies look particularly spectacular this year.
fresh raspberriesredcurrants
  • Picking fresh fruit from the garden. Raspberries and redcurrants have been plentiful. I have been making jam to use the fruit up!
  • Shorn sheep. Something about sheep without their wool makes me giggle. They just look odd!
sunsetswintsy reservoir
  • A gorgeous sunset. Simply stunning.
  • A beautiful walk around Swintsy reservoir. It was a gorgeous day and the sun shone all day.
Talking duckswasp
  • These cheeky ducks who refused to believe we didn't have any bread left!
  • This wasp who was dragged out of my pint of beer because I felt sorry for it!
How about you? What are the little things which have made you happy recently?

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What has made me happy