Week 106 - What has made me happy

One day soon the introduction to these posts will be entirely happy, cheery and relaxed. Well, I hope so anyway! I am still continuing to try to be in too many places at once, but caring for my grandma takes precedent over everything else. It's tough work seeing her become a shadow of her former self. I watch her breathing when she sleeps and feel overwhelming grief that very soon she won't be here any more. I feel sad that we will be living in her house but that she won't be here with us. She won't be nagging us to put things away, or spending hours outside in the garden. We move in a few days and I am glad that we get to be here for her, but so, so sad that it has to end.

So, another tough week, but I have made sure that I find positive things around me, and here they are...

  • Beautiful, beautiful weather. The storms have passed us by up here and the sunshine has been out in full force. I only have a few more days of dropping the children off at the childminder's and this is her view. I will miss it!
Minion loom band braceletSkipton castle from the canal
  • Making minion loom band bracelets. I had a great time following a Dutch tutorial to make these!
  • Going on a barge around the back of Skipton castle on a lazy Sunday. We are struggling slightly with things to entertain a toddler with a broken collarbone.
Fetchlooking at the pond
  • My daughter playing with Bonnie the dog who was visiting this weekend. She is obsessed with dogs.
  • Watching my children cause mischief. They didn't know I could see them!
Plant skeletonVintage tv
  • This plant skeleton. I love how intricate it is.
  • Finally managing to get open the tv in grandma's attic. It was her first ever tv and it just looks amazing!
Making hay
  • Watching the tractors baling the hay. It really is a joy to watch. It's twee to say it, but it's like watching poetry in motion.
How about you? What are the little things which have made you happy recently?

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What has made me happy