Jus Rol Review

We were recently sent some vouchers to try out some Jus Rol products. It took a little longer than I expected to get to try them, due to the amount of care I have had to give my Grandma. With the arrival of my mum to care for Grandma, it meant that I was able to get baking, and spend some quality time with my children.

Jus Rol
We used the pain au chocolat dough one morning, because I thought that if they worked well, we could offer them to the B&B guests. The instructions on the packet were extremely easy to follow and we simply followed them and then popped them into the AGA. 

Making pain au chocolat

The smell when we opened the door of the AGA was absolutely amazing. Seriously impressive. The children loved them and the guests did too. I have to admit that they were some of the most delicious pain au chocolat I have ever tasted. However, they were priced at £2.19 in Morrison’s, which I thought was fairly pricey for just six pain au chocolat.

pain au chocolat in the AGA

The second thing we tried was the puff pastry. I popped leftover chicken casserole (from the night before) in the pastry and then folded the sides over into triangles, to make a mix between a samosa and a pasty. We popped them into the AGA for around twenty minutes and then end result was brilliant. I was impressed that my son ate it as he doesn’t usually like pastry. We had them for lunch that day and, with the exception of my husband who wasn’t too keen, we all really enjoyed them.

chicken pastries

The final thing we tried was the shortcrust pastry. I followed the recipe on the back of the packet, to make apple and blackcurrant tarts. Sadly it failed miserably. It kind of ended up as a solid lump of unappetising pastry with some fruit on top. It didn’t taste nice either, so the birds had an extra special treat that evening!

The puff pastry was very easy to use, as was the pain au chocolat dough. I have used the shortcrust pastry before and it was more successful, so I will try it again in the future. For more information about jus-rol, check out their website.

Disclosure: We received three £1 vouchers for the purpose of this review. The products I bought came to more than £3, so I paid for some of the product myself. This had no impact on my review, which is honest and fair.