Creating a play outfit with House of Fraser

Earlier this month we were asked by House of Fraser to choose a pay outfit for my son. I was National Friendship Month throughout September and we were challenged to style the perfect play outfit. 

My son doesn't often get brand new clothes from anywhere other than supermarkets, so it was a real treat to pick out an outfit for him.

House of Fraser Outfit
I chose a pair of Name It Jeans, which were £20, a yellow and blue stripe Mango sweater which was £14.99  and a yellow and blue hooded Mango gilet, which was £19.99. I used to love going to the Mango shop in Richmond when I lived near London. The clothes were so well made and yet very reasonable, so I was excited to see the outfit we had picked for him.

Bike riding

My son adored the outfit and couldn't wait to try it all on. In the morning on the Saturday he jumped out of bed and popped his new clothes on. He took great care with the gilet. It's definitely his favourite item. Then he got on his bike and went cycling round the garden.

Rock climbing

After lunch we we went out for a walk and he put the outfit to good use, making sure it was up to the job of clambering over rocks, climbing over fences and on to walls. 

Over the fence

The only slightly disappointing thing is the gilet. I ordered a size 6-7, because the other option was 3-5 and the boy is 5. I thought it would be big and last him for a few years, but it definitely is on the small side. Having said that, it will still do him for spring and possibly summer next year as well.

Admiring the view

Overall I was impressed with the outfit. It arrived quickly from House of Fraser and looks fantastic on him. It was nice to be able to get something for my son as his sister is usually the one people buy clothes for. Have a look at House of Fraser's website for other fantastic clothes.

Disclosure: We were provided with the outfit free of charge by House of Fraser for the purpose of this post. This had no impact on the post, which is honest and fair.