Cadbury Freddo Loom Band Fail

When we received a box from Cadbury, I was very excited and could wait to get it open.

Box from Cadbury
We opened it up on the dining room table and were delighted to find a huge crafting kit. Our challenge was to make 'a unique piece of art from loom bands that you can display on your wall'. We were sent full instructions, a loom band kit and the loom bands, some pens and a couple of Freddo bars to give us some energy for the long haul ahead!

Freddo Loom Band Kit

We started well. I got the children to help me colour in the A4 Freddo and we all enjoyed working together. I was impressed with the result. Then I cracked on with making the loom bands. Sadly my children are just that bit too young to be making them by themselves, so it was down to me!

Coloured in Freddo

Are you ready for a giggle? After literally hours and hours of making loom bands, and falling out with the plastic loom band thing when pieces snapped off, I failed at the final hurdle. I couldn't for the life of me manage to get the loom bands to go in any kind of direction that they didn't want to. Even when I managed to get them into a heart shape, the glue didn't seem quite strong enough to hold it in place. I even tried doing it on the AGA so that they dried more quickly but that didn't work either. So, rather frustratingly, this is what my 3D Freddo made of loom bands looks like!

Trying to stick loom bands onto Freddo

 Rather a big mess! Not quite the finished masterpiece I had hoped for! I certainly don't think the loom bands will stick for long enough for me to hang it on the wall.

Glue loom band disaster

I think I shall leave loom band art work and stick at just making bracelets, which I know I can do well!

 Disclosure: We were sent a loom band kit, card, glue and two Freddos for the purpose of this post.