Sightsavers - helping the blind see! #SeeTheMiracle

I am so lucky to have good sight. There were a couple of years when I was in my teens that I had to wear glasses, but other than that, I am the only member of my immediate family not to have to wear any. My husband has glasses and they are so strong that when I put them on all I can see s blurry shapes. However, he is lucky that if he were to suffer any deterioration in his eyesight and need an operation, then that would be available to him on the NHS. We really are incredibly privileged in this country to have access to such wonderful healthcare. You can moan all you like about it, but it is free and it is there for everyone.

If you lived in many developing countries, you might not have the same access to healthcare that we do. Imagine living with cataract, which is the number one cause of blindness in the world, however it is treatable. Knowing that you could be able to see again, if only you were entitled to surgery. Surgery which takes 20 minutes and only costs £30 for an adult. It is slightly more for children, costing £50, but only because they need to have a general anaesthetic. There are millions of people suffering blindness simply through their circumstances and this seems massively unfair.

If you are blind and living in a developing country then you may now be able to work or support your family. It might mean that your children go without because you don't have the money to feed them. 

That's where A Million Miracles comes in. They aim to raise £30 million to fund sight-restoring procedures by 2017. You can see the very first miracle take place!

Winesi’s been losing his sight for 12 years and he’s been completely blind for two. He’s never seen his youngest grandson. On the 8th October, you will be able to view live over a Google+ hangout from Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Malawi, and see Winesi before, during and after surgery (don’t worry, it won’t be gory!). Then, on the 9th of October,you can see him as the bandages come off and he is able to see clearly for the first time in years. This is going to be an absolutely incredible moment to witness.

I am so looking forward to watching the procedure and seeing the impact that this will have on Winesi. I struggle to imagine what life would be life without my sight. Not being able to see my beautiful children, my husband, our cats or the glorious view from our house. It really isn't worth thinking about, which is why I think this is a fantastic cause.

If you can spare any money at all to donate a miracle then please click on