Week 108 - What has made me happy

It has been an odd week. I am finding it hard to get into a new routine. At the moment it is taking all my energy not to spend my days curled up in bed with a hot water bottle. I would happily hibernate for a week or so. The children are hard work. They are bickering and I am finding it tough being the person who looks after them all the time. When I was at university we had childcare for them both and I felt like I had a happy medium of how much I saw them. They are in a phase where they will call for daddy all the time because they see me all the time and don't see him as much. I used to love getting in from university and seeing their faces light up as they saw me. Now I am always here, so I am just a given. I know it will all settle down once we are into a routine and I am really looking forward to that. 

I have found it easier this week to find things which make me happy and we have had a good time as a family when we have all been together. Here is what has made me happy this week...

autumn leaves
  • Crisp and crunchy autumn leaves. I love how they feel underfoot and the fact that they use all your senses (apart from taste, obviously). 
pumpkinsYorkshire Dales Ice Cream Farm
  • We went to the Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Farm this weekend and were delighted to discover their autumn / fall festival was on. We went with my dad, who is a big kid and great fun to take to a place with hands on activities. It's a wonderful place to visit and you can have a closer look in my vlog below.
  • Watching my son play football. I have seen him at rugby training many times but hadn't seen him at football. He really enjoys all the sports he is doing since we moved here and it's great to see him playing with other children.
dramatic skiesFree wheeling toddler
  • Dramatic skies. I love how the clouds seem to be lining up in this picture.
  • My daughter free-wheeling home from nursery. It's a pretty steep hill but she has absolutely no fear!
conker snail
  • Making conker animals with my daughter. We've had fun collecting conkers over the past few days but were stumped with something to do with them!

Have a look at the slightly scary trip we took to the ice cream parlour!

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What has made me happy