Nativity 3 Review and Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day

We were recently invited to the premier of Nativity 3 - Dude Where's my Donkey? but were unable to go at the last minute due to a rather careless driver (not me), so I was delighted to be invited to a screening in Manchester last weekend. I hadn't seen either of the first two Nativity films, but I remember students watching it in my second year at university and really enjoying it, so I figured that it would appeal to all ages. We attended the screening in our Christmas jumpers which had been hastily purchased the day before. My husband bought an amazing Christmas pudding jumper which I actually love and will most probably be wearing on Christmas Day! The reason we wore Christmas jumpers is to draw awareness of Christmas Jumper Day on the 12th of December, where you are encouraged to "wear a woolly, donate and spread the jumper joy".

Nativity 3

What's the film about? Here's what they say.
‎Rated U‎‎ - Comedy‎‎ - English‎
Director: Debbie Issit - Cast: Adam Garcia, Catherine Tate, Martin Clunes, Celia Imrie, Ralf Little, Jason Watkins, Marc Wootton, Duncan Preston, Susie Blake, Niky Wardley
This Christmas the pupils of St Bernadette's and their much-loved, madcap teacher Mr. Poppy are back for their biggest adventure yet involving fantastic flashmobs, excitable elves, Christmas carols and of course Archie the donkey! When their new teacher Mr. Shepherd loses his memory and forgets all about Christmas, as well as his fiancée Sophie and the whereabouts of the beloved Archie, it's up to the pupils of St Bernadette's to save the day. Led by the ever enthusiastic Mr Poppy, they embark on a Christmas journey like never before - but time is against them if they are to help Mr Shepherd get to New York in time for his magical yuletide wedding

I am going to review the film from the perspective of my children's enjoyment, because I think to review it from an adult perspective would be a little unfair. It was my daughter's first ever trip to the cinema, she is three, and we weren't sure that she would enjoy it, but we were certainly proven wrong. Aside from the first few minutes spent with her hands over her ears, she adored it! My son, who is five adored it. He laughed out loud and I laughed at him laughing. It was so nice to watch them both having fun and watching the film.

There were moments in the film where I laughed out loud and although the plot line was a bit thin and the script rather sketchy, I did enjoy the film. It's not something I would watch again, but my children will definitely want to see it another time. The songs were a nice touch and I was impressed that they stuck to the original nativity story. At no point did either child moan or whine or say they were bored. The film didn't drag and they were both completely transfixed by the big screen. This morning my children were still singing the 'Dude where's my Donkey' song. I would say it was definitely a hit with them!

I would like to thank Save the Children for inviting us to the screening. The activities in the cinema foyer were fantastic and both the children and my husband and I had an amazing time. I think my daughter will expect similar treatment every time she goes to the cinema!

Nativity 3 - Dude Where's my Donkey is out in cinemas today. It's a good fun family film which has a lot of funny moments. Yes, the script might not be great and the ploy a little sketchy, but, certainly in my experience, your children will have an amazing time watching it, which is all that matters really. I have now purchased Nativity and Nativity 2 for my children to enjoy at home.

Don't forget to wear your Christmas jumper on the 12th of December and donate to Save the Children.

Disclosure: We were provided with four tickets to see a screening of Nativity 3 - Dude Where's my Donkey for the purpose of this post. This had no impact on the post, which is honest and fair.