Persil Stain Magic - Getting Creative!

My children were recently challenged by Persil to get creative and paint a Magician. I was challenged to get the stains out of their clothes once they had created their masterpiece. We like getting messy and painting in our house, but I was unsure as to whether or not the children would work together to create a picture.

Persil Bio

We were sent a small canvas, some paint, brushes, paint and Persil Bio. Persil have been working with   TV magician Ben Hanlin (the new star of ITV2’s Tricked) to help encourage kids to get stuck in and wear their stains with pride. The idea is that it helps young people and parents get over their stain fears.

Painting a magician

 Now my children have no worries about getting messy and I quite like getting covered in paint every once in a while, so we were very willing to get stuck into a painting session. I made sure that I covered the kitchen table with newspaper (stains are harder to get off the table), then I let my children create.

Toddler painting

I was really impressed with how much care my daughter took with painting the foam letters. I was also pleased that they painted well together. At the moment it seems to be pretty rare that they will sit down and do something together without fighting. or bickering.

painted t-shirt

In my infinite wisdom I decided to let my children paint my son's PE t-shirt, to test Persil bio to the limits. Only when they started painting did I realise that he had PE the next day, so getting the stains out was a little more pressing than I had initially imagined!

magician painting

Here is their finished masterpiece. What can I say? They kind of worked together. My son refused to paint in anything other than gold (his favourite colour), meaning that the magician doesn't have many distinguishable features. Or in fact no way of telling that the paint is a magician. Hey ho! My daughter had fun painting the stripes around the edges and they took it in turns to paint the foam letters.

Persil Stain Magic

I was seriously impressed with how white the t-shirt was when it came out of the washing machine. Usually even with children's paint it is really tough to get the stains out of clothes, but they came out first time and with very little effort. Persil really did vanish away the tough stains!

To find out more about Persil's Small and Mighty, check out their website.

Disclosure: We received a box of paints, Persil, a canvas and paints for the purpose of this post. This had no impact on the post, which is honest and fair.