TalkTalk Mix Off App Review

This month we were asked by TalkTalk to try out their Mix Off app. This is an app which enables viewers of the X-Factor the chance to star in their own unique music video, the inspiration coming from a selection of the UK's favourite pop stars. I am sure if you watch the X-Factor then you have seen them at the beginning of the show and in between the adverts. They always look like so people are having a lot of fun!

TalktTalk Mix Off App
I though the app sounded like fun and it was very easy to download from Google Play (it's also available on iOs). Initially the app kept crashing whenever I tried to open it, but after I restarted my phone it worked well. 

Here's what TalkTalk say about how it works:

Step 1: Select your track, video style and customise it

Step 2: Record your performance - sing along, dance like crazy and have fun

Step 3: Mix it up by adding others to your video

It was easy to make a video and it isn't too long so doesn't take much time to make. The only slightly annoying thing is that when you have recorded yourself miming along (or singing loudly in my case), the video is out of sync once you have finished. It's a minor issue really, but it's one of those things which really bothers me! The app is good entertainment though and is fun for the family to mess about with together.

Take a look in the Mix Off gallery here and you can download the app from the Apple App store or Google Play.

Disclosure: I am a TalkTalk Family Blogger. We receive some TalkTalk services for free but this has no impact on my review.