Week 109 & 110 - What has made me happy

Sorry for the break, half term was rather manic. It was the first time for a few years that I have actually had to work during half term and although we weren't full all week with the B&B, we had guests in most days. It has been really nice to see my mum. She came up for the beginning of half term and made me a birthday cake. It's the first year in such a long time that I haven't either made my own or simply not bothered! We also went down to stay with my inlaws near London for the end of half term and it was wonderful to see my children playing with their cousins and showing their grandparents lots of love.

Here is what has made me happy over the past fortnight...

Baby feetTower of London
  • Visiting my best friend who I haven't seen in far too long. She has a new baby boy and he is absolutely gorgeous. Just look at those tiny little feet. It was so lovely just sitting with him fast asleep on me.
  • Although we didn't get to see the poppies due to the huge queues, it was nice to see such an amazing response from people who were queuing to pay their respects and see the spectacle. 
T-rexHalloween nails

  •  The Natural History Museum was jam packed with people, but my daughter absolutely adored the dinosaurs. She keeps telling us "see, I told you dinosaurs are real".
  • I bought some nail stickers from Waitrose as a Halloween treat. I wasn't sure how good they would be but they were fantastic and my daughter still has hers on now!

 Dr Martens AmilitaChildren watching river

  •  My birthday present from my Dad. I absolutely love these Dr Martens. I haven't had a pair since I was around 15, but these are gorgeous and the laces are so cute.
  • My children looked so sweet in matching tops. They are from H&M and have scary dinosaurs on the front. It certainly helped when I was trying to spot them in the park! 
Yorkshire Dales sunrise

  • I am not getting tired of this view! I'm just a bit jealous that we don't get to see it from our bedrooms, that delight is purely for the B&B guests.

Sealife ManchesterShark

  • My daughter and I had a fun day out to Sealife Manchester. The last time I went it was absolutely heaving, so it was nice to be able to enjoy it this time! My favourite things were the rays.
  • My daughter's favourites were the sharks. I have to admit it was amazing watching them swim over us.

Tunnel slidesuperheroes
  • Watching my children play in the park close to my inlaws. There are very rarely any other children there, even though it's a densely populated area. We always make the most of it when we are staying down there.
  • Superhero day on the last day of school before half term. My son was superman and my daughter didn't want to be left out, so went to nursery as spiderman!

Vintage Chanel No 5Stunning sunrise
  • Finding my Grandma's vintage Chanel No.5 collection. It's all in the original packaging and has barely been used.
  • Sunshine. It has been so warm the past couple of weeks, which has been a wonderful end to October.


  • This ride in the park spins amazingly fast. Both children were giddy after having a go. I had to sit down for a couple of minutes afterwards because the world was still spinning!
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What has made me happy