Christmas lights from LED Hut

We received some Christmas star lights to review from LED hut. I was excited to try them because we have had to decorate the entire B&B, and it is a lot larger than our old house. I was ideally looking for something which would be able to light up the large hallway, without having to put all the hall lights on. 

The lights have a crisp white light which looks really good as the natural light starts to fade.  They also provide a really good light if you want to have them on without the usual lights on. There are twenty stars and the set is 2.85 metres long.

I ended up using them to wrap around a glittery festive cone and tucking the battery compartment underneath the cone. I used this instead of a Christmas tree on the table in the hall, which is one of the first things the guests see when they come into the Bed & Breakfast. These lights retail at £9.59 and you can buy them by looking at their website.

Batteries are included with this product, but Duracell have reminded me of the importance of not forgetting batteries! Their research showed that 9% of UK children have received a battery operated toy at Christmas with batteries not included and 71% of parents admitted that they have forgotten to buy those all-important batteries!

Disclosure: We received some lights from LED Hut for the purpose of review, and we also received some batteries from Duracell to remind people not to forget the batteries,