Country Baskets Festive Face Off 2014

I was challenged by Country Baskets to come up with an craft creation from a selection of craft materials they sent me. Below is a picture of the materials I received. I started off making a Christmas mobile, but it didn't look quite right.

So I decided on a wreath. It would be an indoor wreath because I wasn't sure that the materials I was using would be suitable for outdoor use. I started by using wire cutters to cut the wire I was sent. This was very easy as the wire was very pliable. I covered the wire in white tape, which I already had. Then I cut the top off the snow decoration and wrapped all the snow around the tape-covered wire. This was easy to do although rather time consuming. I didn't need to tie it to attach, I simply tucked the snow bobbles back in on itself as I went around.

Christmas Wreath

Once this was done it gave me a good basis to add the silver and green sparkly flower heads on to. I simply wrapped these around the wreath using the wire underneath the flowers. Finally I added six silver wire balls to the wreath. I did this by pushing a bobble of 'snow through the wire and this was enough to secure it successfully.

Country baskets festive face off

I am really pleased with the finished wreath. At the moment it is hanging on a door handle until I can find a suitable hook for it. The wreath took around forty minutes to make all in all.