I want to become a #markwarnermum (Let it go parody)

Mark Warner are looking for their family ambassadors for 2015 and this is our entry. I thought I would do something different and so my blog post is in the form of a song! I have re-written the words to 'Let it Go' from Frozen, to fit in with our application to be a #markwarnermum.

We're a family of four, my husband and I and our two children, who are three and five. We live in the Yorkshire Dales where I manage a bed and breakfast. As a family we like to get out and about and enjoy the outdoors. We enjoy challenging ourselves and trying new things, from riding a bike to doing a bungee jump. Our preference is for a sun holiday. As you'll see from the video, we have already had some snow this year. We haven't been away on holiday as a family to a resort and I think it would be a wonderful retreat from looking after our guests and their needs.

Without further ado, here is my video (please excuse the bum notes, I wish I'd chosen an easier track!):

The lyrics are written below. 

The sea so clear on the beach today,
not a footprint in the sand.
Our perfect holiday together,
and great childcare there on hand.

The wind is howling back home, Yorkshire's finest fare,
Love to get away, sunshine, rest and care.

We'd like to go away you see,
fly abroad together, family.
Mark Warner please, you gotta know,
we want to go.

Let us go, let us go.
Fly away from the rain and storms.
Let us go, let us go.
Take us somewhere really warm.

Four of us, on a getaway.
All our troubles gone.
We want to enjoy some Mark Warner sun.

It's funny how some cocktails
make everything seem small.
And the beach so warm and sandy,
we're going to have a ball.

It's time to see what we can do;
To sail, to windsurf or the pool.
Kayaking, tennis or the sea, it's free.

Let us go, let us go.
To the sun, sea sand and blue sky.
Let us go, let us go.
We;re ready now to fly.

There we'll rest
and there we'll play.
In the glorious sun.

Bacardi flowing from the bar and to the pool.
Our children playing, dancing, singing, not missing their school.
We're having so much fun, we want it just to last.
We will be coming back, Mark Warner it's a blast.

Let us go, let us go.

We'll be running through the sand.
Let us go, let us go.

We'll come back relaxed and tanned.

We'll de-stress.
We'll have tons of fun.
Here is my request;
I want to become a Mark Warner mum.

Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoyed our application. I think I would be a great addition the the Mark Warner team. I'm up for fun, enjoy adventures and am not afraid to laugh at myself, or let everyone else laugh at me too.