Week 111 - What has made me happy

Once again I am apologising for not having posted any what has made me happy for a while. I have been quite poorly for the last three weeks with a stomach ulcer. It has been frustrating because I thought I would get more done on the house whilst we weren't busy, but it hasn't ended up working like that and I have barely got anything done. We are now back into a busy period with the B&B, with three Dickensian festivals in the run up to Christmas. I have really enjoyed getting the B&B decorated (and have included a Christmas haul vlog at the bottom of this post) and making everything festive  for our guests. It has also been nice getting back into the swing of making breakfasts for people and welcoming them into our home.

Here is what has made me happy of the past couple of weeks...

Betty's cakesBlackpool seafront

  • Buying my son some cakes from Betty's to cheer him up after a rough few days. There's not much that a Betty's cake won't fix.
  • A trip to Blackpool. Yes, it was cold and we didn't go in the sea, but it's just nice being by the seaside occasionally. 
Double-decker catsCats washing each other
  •  Our cats. They have settled into life here so well. I haven't seen them so content in a long time. They made me giggle when they were sleeping in the boxes I had just unpacked. 
  • They also looked super-cute washing each other whilst sleeping next to the AGA.  
Real nativity
  •  Watching the nativity procession through the village. I love that they use a real donkey.
SunriseYorkshire Dales sunrise
  •  The sunrise is so beautiful here. Even on a dull day, there's still such a gorgeous view. I am so jealous that the guests get to see it each morning that they wake up, but we don't. 
Yorkshire Dales sunset
  • Gorgeous sunsets. I had to pull over in the car just to take this picture. The whole sky was just so completely filled with colour.

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What has made me happy