Week 112 - What has made me happy.

I am feeling a little better. I think the doctor has got the medication right now and I no longer look like I am six months pregnant and massively bloated. Which is good. My blood tests have shown that my ovaries aren't working properly, so I am booked in for an ultrasound on Thursday as they suspect there may be a cyst there. It would certainly explain a lot of the symptoms I have been having recently. We've been busy in the B&B which has been nice and it has generally been quite hectic over the past week with bookings coming in for next year. We're also trying to organise a New Year's Eve party at home because it will be nice to be here for a change and to spend it with our friends. 

Here is what has made me happy this week...

Advent calendarCat in a drawer

  • Thinking of my Grandma on what would have been her 85th birthday. We each had a small cake, lit a candle and thought about her for a moment before we blew it out. It was really nice just to take a minute to think about happy memories.
  • My cat sleeping in a drawer. I only left it open for a minute in the kitchen before she jumped into it and promptly fell asleep. It doesn't look very comfortable!
Yorkshire Dales sheep
  •  I don't know why these sheep line up for their photo to be taken, but so far they have done it every time! It does make me smile. 
Frosty leafFirst snow 2014
  •  The first frost. We have been lucky to get into December before the first frost hit, but it really is beautiful when it finally arrived.
  • A few days after the first frost we had our first snow. It came down in a huge swirly snowstorm with massive flakes. Then fifteen minutes later it had gone, leaving a light dusting behind and an afternoon of sunshine. 
Yorkshire Dales sunriseYorkshire Dales frosty sunrise

  • More stunning sunrises. This view is so gorgeous, even on an incredibly frosty morning!
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What has made me happy