Week 114 - What has made me happy

This week has been better. I've been getting back to feeling better and planning a new fitness regime for January. It's time to crack on and make a change to my body.  I am already decently fit but this year I have put on so much weight this year through just being sad and not moving as much when I was finishing off at university. It has been a week of finishing things off before Christmas. I've done all the wrapping and am getting very excited about the big day. It's nice to be spending time with my children too. We've been to soft play and the cinema already this week. We saw Paddington, which was absolutely fantastic and I would highly recommend it.

Without further ado, here is what has made me happy this week...

PheasantTravelling to infinity

  • Our friendly pheasants waiting for the boy's crusts from his lunchtime sandwiches.
  • A moment of peace and quiet at soft play and time to start reading Travelling to Infinity, so far it's very good.
Robot tree decorationRude carrot
  • Our new Christmas decorations. I bought these robots last week and I love them.
  • Digging up the carrots to find this saucy looking specimen.
Yorkshire Dales sunriseYorkshire Dales scenery
  • A gorgeous sunrise. There has only been one this week and it was gorgeous. The rest of the week has been quite gloomy and there has been an awful lot of rain!
Sleeping in play tents
  • My children sleeping in their play tents. They thought it would be good fun and they seemed to enjoy it, although they didn't have the best night's sleep! It made me giggle when I had to try and get them out to take them to the toilet when I went to bed!

How about you? What has made you happy this week?
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What has made me happy