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The Photo Gallery - Week 215

This weekend we went away with friends to Bowness in the Lake District. It was time for a few beers, letting our hair down and relaxing (as much as you can with four children running around). On the Sunday, the weather forecast was pretty rubbish, so I Googled rainy days in the Lake District and the first result was Brockhole in Windermere. There were all sorts of outdoor activities there and also some indoor soft play, so we thought there might be something to do there. When we arrived it hadn't started raining, so we thought we would have a go on the Treetop Nets, which is essentially over 1,500 metres of trampolines, walkways, slides and tunnels made out of netting. This is all suspended from trees up to nine metres off the ground! It is for both adults and children and looked like a giggle.

Treetop nets Lake District
We had so much fun playing on the nets. Running, jumping, kicking, throwing, sliding, falling. A lot of falling. Especially from me. I just couldn't seem to grasp bouncing on my feet. Bouncing on my backside I seemed to do incredibly well though! I appreciate this picture is pretty out of focus, but it sums up how much fun we were having playing on the nets. I believe my son had just been flattened by a ball kicked by the dads!

Treetop net slides Brockhole

My daughter was unsure about the giant net slides. They were pretty enclosed and I have to admit I was pretty unsure as I went down the first one. Luckily we managed to persuade her and she then spend the next couple of hours whizzing down slides and squealing as she went!

Net slide Brockhole

The perspective on this picture shows exactly how brave my daughter was throwing herself down a slide made of nets! It was a really, really long way down to the ground.

We had an amazing two hours playing and it wore us all out very well. In fact, even two days later my legs still have a dull ache to them!

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Disclosure: I was not asked to write this post and we paid for the tickets.