Week 117 - What has made me happy

This week seems to have passed really quickly. I never understand why some weeks pass by in an instant, but others seem to drag and you start to wish the days away. This week has gone in a blur of catching up with B&B work, updating the website and organising the office. I have also finally finished the probate for grandma's will and that is ready to send off. I have filled out a ridiculous amount of forms. On Monday I had my endoscopy and it is safe to say that it was one of the more horrible moments of my life. I think I naively thought it wouldn't hurt or be uncomfortable. In reality, I gagged and choked the whole way through and still have a sore throat which hurts so much that I can't eat yet. That aside, it was a good week. At the weekend I went on a mums lunch to a local pub which was absolutely fantastic. It was so nice to sit and have a couple of glasses of wine and a nice meal with new friends.

Here is what has made me happy this week...
Eerie sunrisepastel sunset
  • This sunrise seemed almost to make the light look black and white. It lit up the sheep in quite a dramatic way.
  • This sunset on the way home from nursery. I love it when the sky goes pastel coloured and looks so soft.
grapefruit hamperlychees
  • Coming home from my endoscopy to find a huge gift box full of grapefruit goodies. It made me smile when I felt so rough.
  • Lychees. These are my absolute favourite food in the entire world. I love it when they are in season and I need to pop to the market to get some more tomorrow!
ladybird umbrellaRainy day
  • My daughter wearing her ladybird coat and using her ladybird umbrella. She made a dull day look very bright!
  • Sitting inside my car looking at the weather outside. Sometimes it is nice to be all warm and snug in the car and just looking at the rain.

  • This amazing sunrise. I just captured it at exactly the right time. Literally two minutes later the sun had gone behind a cloud and it stayed there all day.
What are the little things which have made you happy this week?
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What has made me happy