Week 118 - What has made me happy

It has been a busy week. I have been working hard on the B&B website and researching where we should advertise and what is working well and not so well for us. We also had our first guests of 2015 and it was really lovely that they were our first return customers, who had stayed with us back in the autumn. It felt good to know that people want to come back and stay again. We must be doing something right!

Here is what has made me happy this week...

Snowy Dalesdry stone walls and snow
  •  Waking up to a covering of snow, which hasn't yet gone. It arrived last Wednesday morning and has melted a bit, but keeps on falling again. 
  • It has meant that we have a pretty spectacular journey to and from my daughter's nursery, which is around a ten minute drive away.
cat lovegirl and cat
  •  Our two cats snuggling up together. They are so soft with each other and are often found snuggling together and washing each other.
  • My daughter cuddling Bruce the cat. She missed him so much when he was at the vets and makes sure she fusses him at every opportunity. He isn't so enthused about this arrangement but seems to be putting up with it.
Yorkshire Dales sledging
  •  Going sledging with the children. I spent many a happy moment dragging my sledge down the same path. We did end up with one sledge casualty but no injuries to any of us on the sledges. Hearing my children giggle as they whizzed down the hills was priceless 
Snowman Yorkshire DalesSnowman selfie
  •  When we got back from sledging I suggested we should build a snowman. The children were both cold so they went inside and I got to work.
  • Obviously I then had to take a selfie with my snowman. He is still in place due to the freezing temperatures!
Pheasant footprintsAmazing Yorkshire puddings
  •  These pheasant footprints right next to my daughter's footprints. I love the wildlife we have in the garden here.
  • Amazing Yorkshire puddings. I excelled myself with these ones and they were absolutely delicious!
Snowy Yorkshire Dales
  • Simply waking up to this frosty view every morning. It's nice to see the snowman standing there too!

What are the little things which have made you happy this week?
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What has made me happy