Week 119 - What has made me happy

It has been a good week. The snow lingered and crunched under our feet. The children made snowmen in the school playground. I do love snow. I think I must be of Scandinavian descent because I love the cold, the snow and the sunshine. We went away for the weekend with friends and had a cracking time. We went back to a house we had stayed in last January which was a bargain and has four bedrooms, which is plenty for ours and our friend's children. We all enjoyed spending time together, Our children are all the same ages and it's nice to see them all enjoy each other's company!

Here is what has made me happy this week...

Making marmaladejars of marmalade
  • Making marmalade. My uncle started the job and then got called out to work, leaving me to actually make the stuff! I did a decent job though and was impressed with the result.
RobinTreetop nets slide Brockhole
  • This little robin who knew exactly where to find food. He wasn't at all scared!
  • Going to Treetop Nets at Brockhole which is basically a giant trampoline suspended in the skies. It was ridiculous fun even though it took a lot of bravery to throw yourself down the net slides!
I love you MummyLake District footpath
  • My son doing me a drawing and saying that he loves me. This was the first time he has written me a note telling me he loves me and it made me so happy.
  • This footpath in the Lake District. We didn't go down it because we were going to the theatre, but it looked so inviting.
Snowy sheepSnowy sunrise
  • Snowy sheep. The snow was here for just over a week. When we came back from the Lake District it had all gone.
  • The final few snowy sunrises were absolutely stunning. I am looking forward to the snow coming back tomorrow!
What are the little things which have made you happy this week?
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What has made me happy