Dear beautiful girl...

Dear beautiful girl,

You turn four this week. It doesn't seem that long since I held you in my arms for the first time, amazed at how this little person had entered the world (very quickly). You are confident. Sometimes possibly a little too confident. You are not shy. You will tell people exactly what you think of them, and their clothes/appearance/smell. I kind of admire that, albeit sometimes I wish the world would swallow me up when you loudly exclaim about that "REALLY fat lady" and then ask if they will die soon. I don't know where you got the link between fat and dying, but it seems firmly lodged in your brain, no matter what we say.

Child painting

You are clever. You ask questions using long words. You ask a lot of questions. At the moment you ask 'why' a lot. And when I say a lot, I really mean it. I can't tell you anything without you questioning it! Sometimes I simply don't know the answer, but I love that you have faith in me that I will. Keep questioning. It's the best way to learn and it's something I do every day too.

You play beautifully either by yourself or with others. The games you come up with are wonderful and I love listening to you chatter away in many different voices and accents. It doesn't have to be a doll or a stuffed toy, you played with clothes hangers the other day, making them all talk to each other and join in. Currently your favourite film is Rio 2 and, if I let you, you would watch it for hours! You like to watch the same part over and over and over again. The football match. Seriously, I think even I know all the words to this. You have started reciting them when you play with cars.

child in daisieschild in dog outfit

You're not just clever, beautiful, confident and inquisitive. You can also belch part of the alphabet. I'm not sure I can ever forgive your auntie for teaching you that, but lets hope that one day it will serve you well. Actually, I'm not sure about that at all, but I am a little jealous of your ability!

Confident, self -assured and slightly kooky, you're a wonderful mix right now. You don't need anyone else to play with or to tell you what to do. You know exactly what you want and how to get it. You give some of the best cuddles. Real bear hugs which make us gasp for breath.

If we ever can't find you, we just need to look for Bruce the cat because that's where you'll be. Recently you have started bringing him food from his food bowl because "he's really hungry". I think Bruce has a love/hate relationship with you. You scare him when you're loud, but he loves the cuddles you give him and the fuss and attention you are so willing to share.

ladybird childchild looking out to sea

Tantrums are slowly happening less often. Though you are not good at not getting your own way, you are incredibly good at sharing. We might need to work on your ability to lash out at your brother, his poor face could do with a break from being scratched. I think you are frustrated. You want to read and to write but you don't yet acknowledge that will take time and effort on your part, as well as ours.

Yesterday I asked you what you want to be when you grow up. You thought for a very long time and then said "a master" (you wouldn't expand on that and we weren't entirely sure what you meant. I asked what you wanted to be if you couldn't be a master and you thought for a while again and said 'Batman'. You're ace little one. I have so much respect for you and I adore you.

I love you.

Mummy. x

P.S. I have decided to make these letters into vlogs too. This one is below.