Hue Animation Studio Review

Hue Animation Studio Lego super heroes

I was asked to try out Hue Animation with my son, who is 5. He is really interested in computers and technology, so I thought that this would be something he could really get into.

Animation is something that I have never tried before either and I was really keen to test the software, which comes in a small box. This includes all the kit that you will need. There is a CD which has the software needed for your PC or Mac, a Hue animation guide and also a Hue HD camera which attaches direct to your PC via a USB cable. One of the features of the box is that there is a drop down set for your animations on one side, which I think is a fantastic design! Obviously you can film wherever you like, but this helps to give an initial set to film in. The camera which is award winning, attaches to your PC has a built in microphone and a flexible cable, which means you can get all different types of camera angle!

LEGO batman Hue animation

My son decided that he wanted to use the super hero LEGO which he got for Christmas to make a stop motion animation. The Hue animation book which comes with the pack is realy good fun and is packed with ideas and examples of different ways to make animations.I wanted to join in too and he did let me, although he was the one who chose what happened and what each characters' role was.

Here is the animation my son and I put together. We spent around an hour making it which I was surprised by for a thirty second clip, but we had lots of fun doing it and really enjoyed watching the creation come to life. It certainly puts shows like 'Shaun the Sheep' into perspective for the amount of time it takes to create.

I have also put together a video review, which includes a screencast of me using the software, showing just how easy it is to use. One thing I struggled with was the manual focus, I didn't seem to be able to get it quite right when I was taking the pictures of characters further away. I am sure that I will pick that up with practice though. I also need to work out if it is possible to film in widescreen. Again, this is something I can test with time.

 The Hue Animation Studio retails at £49.95 which I think represents fantastic value for money if you have a child who is interested in technology and how animation works. I also think it is great for adults to make and I am looking forward to having a go without the assistance of children!

To find out more about Hue Animation, check out their website, their Facebook page and their Twitter account.
Hue Animation Studio pack
Disclosure: We were sent this item for the purpose of review. This had no impact on my review, which is honest and fair.