Tech-too Alphabet Tablet review

We have been trying out the Tech-Too Alphabet Tablet at home. My children are very nearly four and six, and I initially thought that this would be better for my daughter, being the younger of the two. She has just started learning her phonics at nursery and has flashcards at home. She is desperate to learn to read and I am obviously happy to encourage this. 

Tech-Too Alphabet Tablet

The tablet teaches letters and phonics and helps children to learn to read their first words. In order to do this it uses recognition of ever day objects. My son has been using this to spell words and I have been really impressed with the fact that he will sit down and use the tablet purely to spell with. When he uses educational apps on the ipad, he tends to get distracted by games or videos. So it's really nice that this tablet can be used to learn how to spell words too. 

In addition to helping with spelling skills, the tablet also improves your child's memory and develops hand-eye coordination. It also helps children to understand cause and effect.

Tech-Too alphabet tablet at rugby

The Alphabet Tablet has been a regular at many an early Sunday morning rugby training session. It's perfect for keeping my daughter occupied at an otherwise boring time for her.

I am impressed with the Tech-Too Alphabet Tablet. It is suitable for both my children and has become a regular on car journeys, at rugby matches and in the toy box at home. The tablet retails at £15.00 and I would recommend it if you are looking for a present for children.

Disclosure: We were sent this product for the purpose of review. This had no impact on the review, which is honest and fair.