The Photo Gallery - Cold

The Photo Gallery - Week 216

For this week's Gallery theme, I thought I would post a cold picture from December, January and February, all the months of winter. 

Frosty weeds

This picture was one of the first frosts. This is just a weed in the grass but I love that the frost makes it look absolutely beautiful. I am also amazed at how the ice forms on the grass as well.

Happy snowman

This is the snowman I made in January. It was the end of a chilly sledging session and both children said they were too cold to help. Instead they watched from inside while I made him. I love making snowmen, especially happy ones. He was a cheery looking chap who hung around for about a week. Then we fed his nose to the sheep!

Snowy sheep

I took this picture up on the moors yesterday. The sheep is giving me an odd look because I simply stopped in the middle of the road, wound my window down (yes, my car is that old that I can't simply press a button), and took a picture of him. There isn't so much snow left on the lower ground, but up on the moors there was plenty still covering the ground. I do love snow, and the cold. I would rather be too cold than too hot. It's definitely easier to warm up than cool down!

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