Week 120 - What has made me happy.

It has largely been a good week. I've been busy with work and feel back to where I want to be with blogging. My daughter has been a delight to spend time with and I have even enjoyed some me time, at an event with a lovely group of bloggers. It feels good to be getting back to a more positive place and I am glad everything seems to be clicking again. 

Aldi bargainLychees
  • This 'offer' I spotted in Aldi today. A huge reduction of 1p! It made me giggle.
  • Lychees! These will feature until they go out of season. I bought a kilo box from the market yesterday and they are all gone!
  • Discovering juicing. At the event I went to we were treated to healthy juices and they were so good. I am trying to work out if any of our kitchen gadgets can juice!
Retro lightingSoap dispenser
  • Funky lighting. This lighting was so retro and I really loved the look of it.
  • I have purchased a few of these soap dispensers and tumblers for the B&B and they fit in really well with this house.
Countryside walkPlay school jigsaw
  • Spending time together as a family. We went on a three mile walk on Saturday and I was seriously impressed that the children walked most of the way!
  • Watching my daughter assemble a Play School jigsaw which I used to do as a child.
snowdrops in snowBerries in snow

  • Snowdrops. The first signs of life starting to poke through. An indication that spring is on the way!
  • Berries covered in snow, their bright red almost illuminated to help the birds to find them.

Wharfedale sheepYorkshire sheep

  • I do like sheep. I'm sure regular readers know this. I took the first picture up on the top of the moors yesterday. One of last year's lambs chilling out in the snow.
  • The second picture was taken on our walk. The sky was so bright and it was lovely to see some sunshine.

  • It was brief, but it was lovely to see these two getting on. They are very similar and clash a lot, so when they have moments of appreciating each other, it's really heart-warming.

  • The snow is going, but we have had some more beautiful sunrises. I would love to see some more snow, but think I might be in the minority!
How about you? What are the things which have made you happy this week?

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What has made me happy